The Sixth Day Of Christmas


Only 41 hours remaining in the year 2016!

This time of year brings reflection  – thinking back – not only on this past year but on the years preceding. Maybe it is because I’m getting older. I have adult grandchildren! I find myself looking back through the journals that I have kept through the years. the following are my thoughts after Christmas 2003.


The miracles of Christmas

Someone gives out of their need

A few Christmas balls

Someone yearns for a tree

Just a small tree

But they are thankful for their blessings

A warm place to live

Food for the table

The tree is given

And the Christmas balls to decorate it

They in turn give two Beanie Babies

Gifts given to their mother

Never touched

But now for a child whose home has burned

The miracle of Christmas

One gift inspires another

A need is met

And love is shared

The miracle of Christmas

A simple service

Scripture Readings

To tell the story

With Scripture in song

Words put to music

They also tell the story

And a gift

From God

For His people

A flute

Air breathed into a tube

And out comes the notes


The sounds of Christmas

Unknown to us before this night – and now – a friend

A brother in Christ

The miracle of Christmas

Love shared

God gave to us


Wrapped in the for of a child

Ten tiny fingers

Ten tiny toes

Dependent upon Joseph and Mary

For food

For clothes

Our Creator

Became one of us

To show us

His Love

When we share that love with each other

It becomes

The Miracle of Christmas!

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