Down A Country Lane



My brother tells me that our road isn’t wide enough to qualify as a “road” so I guess it we should call it a “lane.” I’ll look up the definition of a lane when I can find my dictionary. (I’m still unpacking after our move – November 2012!)

Don’t remind me that I can look it up online – there is something about holding a book in my hand that makes a difference to me. I love my Kindle for convenience when traveling but it will never replace my library shelves.

But I digress.


I like that we live on a quiet country “lane” – something that requires cooperation with our neighbors. For when we happen to meet someone coming in the opposite direction then one of us must yield, for there simply isn’t enough room for us to pass each other. Someone has to yield.


And that is true in life – someone has to yield. There is give and take. Problems arise when you find the person who always gives or the one who always takes.

No one likes the person who always takes without giving for they are selfish, with no thought for others. Not someone we want to hang around with.

But the one who always gives has a problem also. For they must learn how to accept gifts graciously, be it actions or words, lest they rob another of the joy of giving.

All of us need the others. God created us to live in community.


Now, how did I find myself on a quiet country lane in Missouri?


That is a story for another day!

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