March – In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb?


When March came in this year with wind and rain, ice and snow, and cold . . . well, I thought it meant we would have beautiful spring weather for Easter Sunday. But, no, our weather forcast calls for snow tomorrow!



As I walked the dogs this morning the sky was dark and some would say gloomy. But I know that beyond those dark clouds the sun is still shining. If you look close you can see glimpses of blue beyond the gray.

I can imagine how it must have been for those who had placed their hope in Jesus, only to watch Him die a horrible, painful, humiliating death on a cross. This what not what they had expected. Where was the conquering hero in this picture? And now what?

They were lost and discouraged, with no one to lead them. They huddled together in fear of what was to come. They forgot the lessons He had taught them. They were in shock. Regardless of what the weather was outside, they were enveloped in darkness. They could see no way out.


Sometimes we feel the same – troubles assail – sickness – relationships – finances – you name it – and we see no way out . . .

Hold on, dear friends,


Morning is coming!

Then came the morning

Night turned into day

The stone was rolled away

Hope rose with the dawn

Then came the morning

Shadows vanished before the sun

Death had lost and life had won

For morning had come

Listen to the words Bill Gaither wrote and you will understand the hope that is ours as followers of Jesus Christ.

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