The Saga Continues . . .

Monday night the trap was set . . .

The camera was in place . . .

There appeared to be quite a gathering. They must have heard about the free marshmallows!

The next morning we discovered the trap had been compromised so they ate the treats but we caught nothing. At least the chickens were still safe.

With the trap repaired we set it again last night.


But we know there are many more so the trap will be set again because . . .

Olin went to town and came home with three more chickens!

This is life in the country.

3 thoughts on “The Saga Continues . . .

  1. Thank goodness you got one, we are having issues with a family of groundhogs. They are enjoying the garden as much as we are. We have had no luck trapping them, so I told Andy to try marshmallows. I will let you know if it works for us. Keep us posted on your saga! 😊


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