Sunrise in Missouri

This is the day that the LORD has made.

Rejoice in it!

Today we return to standard time. From March until November many areas of the country turn their clocks ahead one hour. Daylight Saving Time they call it. As if we have any control over the daylight!

Here on Odessa Avenue the sun is nearing the horizon. I watch as the sky gradually grows lighter. Above the tree line the dawning of a new day colors the sky. It doesn’t matter what the clocks say – It is sunrise in northeast Missouri.

There are ducks on the pond in the pasture across the road. It is light enough now that I can see them. (Check out the bottom right corner of the pond.)

It is a beautiful fall morning. The thermometer reads thirty-five degrees. They say it will be in the fifties this afternoon. A good day to rake up a pile of leaves and jump into them. My jumping days are past but I do love to wade through a big pile just to hear the crackle.

Wait for it . . .

Wait for it . . .

Wait for it . . .

Well the sun came up and went behind the clouds. That is life.

We have no control over God’s creation.

Thank You LORD, for this new day!

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