We awoke to a snow covered landscape this morning. This required the winter apparel for morning chores: two pair of socks, boots, insulated overalls, scarf, hat and gloves to brave the 19 degree weather. But I didn’t mind the cold or the hassle getting ready because the dogs love the snow. Since the advent candle this week was the candle of joy it seemed very appropriate. Watching them romp in the fluffy white stuff brought me joy because they seemed so full of joy themselves.

Just look at that face!

“Come play with me. This stuff is amazing!”

2 thoughts on “JOY!

  1. It’s always a joy to read your blog. Looks like a fun day for all. I’am baking cookies this morning, it’s foggy and raining but I still enjoy looking outside at our bird feeders watching the birds and squirrels getting ready for the cold weather to come. Life is good. Thanks for sharing your joys!


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