The Quiet After The Storm


It is our usual quiet Sunday afternoon. But the quiet today seems even more so because all of our visitors have left. This past week our home was filled with laughter and joy.

Last Saturday morning we picked up our grandson Josh and his friend at the airport in St, Louis and later that afternoon our son Doug arrived with a car full.

We put extra leaves in the dining room table, an air mattress on the living room floor, used our camper as an extra guest room, and took turns taking showers.



On Sunday we filled a pew at church and then enjoyed dinner at Heartland.


On Monday it was off to Hannibal for a ride on the river and a walk through the cave. Followed by a delicious dinner at the Brick Oven.

Tuesday Olin and Doug did errands gathering the material for a project of Olin’s and Linda, Josh, Tori, Emma, Charlotte, and Emersyn went to the pool for an afternoon swim and a soak in the hot tub.


Wednesday morning the guys went fishing – one fish – one turtle!


Tori went out with me to take pictures on the dogs’ morning run.


In between we filled the days with activity,

We worked in the garden . . .


Emma baked zuchinni-lemon bread. Josh & Tori made “squash cookies ” . . .


Charlotte found lots to do . . .


Emersyn was kept entertained  . . .


and memories were made!

But all good things must come to an end.




Our visitors have returned home to Delaware.

It is quiet once more on Windmill Farm.

Just Olin & I, three dogs, one house cat, five chickens, one rooster, and lots of barn cats.

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