The Third Day of Christmas


Christmas Memories!

I am thinking today of one of the best gifts my husband ever gave me.

It is a Beatrix Potter figurine of a mother hen and her chicks. When you wind it up it plays the tune “Music Box Dancer.”

I fell in love with this beautiful tune in the eighties and that summer every time it would come on the radio I would hush my children so that I could just listen. It is such a happy melody. It makes me smile every time I hear it.

One day in the fall my husband came home with a package wrapped in red paper. He put it on the bookshelf and told me that it was my Christmas present and I had to wait to open it on Christmas Day!

Imagine my surprise when I heard that happy tune on Christmas morning. I happen to love Beatrix Potter stories also so it was a double blessing. I sat that chicken in the middle of our table and played it everyday while washing dishes. It made the chores go by quickly.

I still have it today. It plays a little slower but I don’t care. This little figurine speaks to me of the love of a husband for his wife. We were a young family with not a lot of money and there were many things he could have bought that I needed more than a chicken that played a happy tune. But that chicken brought me JOY!

NOTE* Everyone saw that little chicken and saw how much I loved it. They thought it was the chicken. They didn’t get the part about the tune and so for years people bought me chickens of all sorts. I ended up with a “chicken” collection.

As I write this I am listening to Frank Mills play his tune “Music Box Dancer” on YouTube. Check it out. I dare you to listen and not smile!


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