The Fourth Day of Christmas


More Christmas Memories!

In December 2010 we were preparing to take my parents on a road trip to Las Vegas for my niece’s wedding.

We left Delaware on December 30th and arrived in Las Vegas on January 2nd, celebrated the wedding on the 4th, left Las Vegas on the 6th, and arrived back in Delaware on the 15th.

It was spending those seventeen days on the road with my parents that gave birth to the idea of taking them on an extended trip in a motor home. My parents were longtime RV’er’s and didn’t think spending every night in a different hotel was the proper way to travel. Dad was overheard making the comment “I never thought I’d see the mountains in New Mexico again except from the air. He felt that their camping days were over and that future travel would necessitate flying. After we returned home from that trip we began to think about this idea of a cross-country trip in an RV. So Christina is responsible!

We purchased a motor home in the spring and December 2011 found us preparing for a trip to Florida in the RV. Sort of a practice run. We left Delaware January 5th and headed south.


Our first stop was Hampton, VA for a visit with Jeff & Maria.

Then on to South Carolina for a visit with cousins. There was an unexpected delay in Savannah, GA. We spent three weeks in a motel while the RV was in the shop for a new engine.

Finally after 32 days we arrived in Florida









We returned to Delaware in March to prepare for our cross-country trip.

Although these aren’t strictly Christmas memories. Both December 2010 and December 2011 found us preparing for an adventure.

We are always making memories. What memories will you make this day?

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