Fifty Years Later!

June 14, 2019 – Today we mark fifty years in our life together. It has been an amazing journey!

I have always wanted to take a steamboat cruise down the Mississippi River. It seemed a nice way to celebrate 50 years of marriage.

That was the dream.

The reality is that we spent the morning scrubbing the yucky stuff off of the north side of our house!

But we worked together to get it done. Olin made me my own “bucket truck” by putting a pallet on the forks on the John Deere and attaching a galvanized tub for me to stand in as he lifted me up in the air. (I don’t think he trusted me to lift him up!) But in all fairness he did climb a ladder to join me on the roof of the back porch to help me scrub.

My Anniversary Present!

My husband is good at giving presents. He gives me things I want. This is the pump that I use to transfer water from our storage tanks to the tank in the garden. It was sitting on a pallet that I had to move every time I mowed the lawn. I did it but it took a lot of tugging and pulling every week. I mentioned to him the difficulty I was having and he made me this cart that i can wheel anywhere that i need it. I love it!

God has blessed us with amazing memories. Too many for me to recount on this blog so I’ll share some special memories over the past fifty years.

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