Chicken Tragedy

Last Monday we had a flock of seven – six hens and a Bantam rooster.

He is like Little Jimmy Dickens – he’s little but he’s loud!

He is master of his flock, taking very good care of his girls.

Until tragedy struck in the chicken house!

One morning Olin discovered that a raccoon had gotten into the chicken barn and killed two hens.

On Saturday when we returned from shopping he discovered two more hens killed.

And on Sunday morning there was another. ††

So we begin this week with just one hen and the little Bantam rooster.

Both very traumatized.

Something must be done.

A trap set with marshmallows.

The first day we caught a barn cat.

Now she is traumatized!

But finally – success . . .

He was not a happy camper.

He was transported to the pasture where there the sentence was to be carried out. Unfortunately the prisoner escaped and is expected to make another raid on the chicken house tonight. There the trap is once again baited with marshmallows and hopefully he will once again fall victim to temptation and take the bait!


4 thoughts on “Chicken Tragedy

  1. Sorry for your loss, our neighbor has chickens and has had issues with raccoons as well. She now has two loud mouth roosters left. 🤣. They are our alarm clock. Good lucky catching that raccoon, keep us posted. What will you do for eggs now?


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